CodeMiko leaves Twitch viewers stunned after Envy House bidet antics - Dexerto

CodeMiko leaves Twitch viewers stunned after Envy House bidet antics

Published: 22/Jan/2022 22:16

by Alan Bernal


Popular Vtuber CodeMiko freaked out her viewers for getting up-close-and-personal with the Envy House bidet, leaving audiences stunned at what they saw.

During her Envy House tour, CodeMiko took her hand-cam around the many rooms and corridors that managed to confound everyone including the content creator.

But her antics in one of the bathrooms had her Twitch chat grossed out after interacting with a bidet, which took some people by surprise.

“I’m just gonna wash my hands so you guys don’t freak out,” CodeMiko said before bringing the bidet’s stream to her face. “It’s just water! Literally, it’s just water, guys.”


The popular house fixture isn’t as prominent in some regions of the world, which could explain why some people were really confused by the scenes unfolding on stream.

Still, seeing CodeMiko lean into the bidet to take a sip from the stream was enough to get a spam wall of ‘DansGame’ emotes and “no, no, no” from shocked viewers.

The 21-year-old streamer tried to reason with her chat, telling them it was just like any other faucet water but they weren’t having it.

codemiko envy house tour
Envy YouTube / CodeMiko
CodeMiko gave Twitch fans a moment to remember after getting up-close with the Envy house bidet.

The new Envy House is off to a great start. After CodeMiko, the Botez sisters, and JustaMinx moved into the Hollywood Hills house, the four streamers have already been lighting up the content game with their hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, antics.


After starting a fire in the house only two days after moving in, the four-streamer squad are still figuring out how the massive LA house works with all of its rooms and intricate shower setups.