Andrea Botez starts fire in Envy content house and it’s only been two days

Andrea Botez starts fireTwitch/CodeMiko

Popular Twitch chess streamer Andrea Botez almost caused a major travesty in the Envy content house days after it launched with her sister Alexandra, Code Miko, and JustAMinx.

Envy officially launched their female-led Hollywood Hills house on January 19 where the four top creators would be making and streaming content.

Now, not two days into its grand opening, the four have already experienced quite a scare when Code Miko was teaching everyone how to make Korean food in the kitchen.

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While such an activity would normally be relatively safe, Andrea Botez started a fire and nearly made things a lot worse when she thought a can of butane was a fire extinguisher.

Andrea Botez starts fire in Envy content house

On January 21 during a cooking stream, the younger Botez sister freaked out over a fire in the kitchen and started calling for help.

As Alexandra tried to console her sister, JustAMinx walked out of the kitchen and Code Miko tried to stay calm by dealing with the flames.

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Eventually, a cameraman walked up and put out what was left of the blaze.

“They didn’t give us a lot of rules, but I remember them saying don’t burn the kitchen down,” Alexandra joked.

Andrea Botez mistakes butane for fire extinguisher

To make the whole situation even weirder, Andrea went looking for a fire extinguisher and when she came back thinking she had one, she was stunned to learn she actually was holding a can of butane.

“I thought it extinguishes fire, because it has a photo here, well, it says danger. I thought this was a fire crossed out,” she noted, examining the can.

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“I’m really glad I didn’t let Andrea extinguish the fire,” Alexandra said before explaining how the whole ordeal was caused by a tissue catching ablaze.

If this is a sign of things to come, then streams at the Envy content house could very well be prime material for fans of all four creators.