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Ninja stunned by loyal Twitch fan who’s been subscribed for over 10 years

Published: 22/Jan/2022 21:12

by Alan Bernal


Ninja has been streaming for a long time and even he was taken aback after seeing a loyal Twitch viewer who’s been subscribed to him for over a decade.

Throughout his rise, Ninja has had a true ride-or-die fan stick with him on Twitch. As subs come and go, there’s been one super supporter that’s been with the blue-haired content creator for over 120 months.

The brand loyalty wasn’t lost on the most recognized streamer in the world, who didn’t let the moment pass without a special shoutout.

“Sometimes I forget even how long I have been doing this,” Ninja said. “125-month subscriber still showing love and has been subscribed since I got into the subscription beta on Shoutout to icysofresh.”


Ninja’s longest Twitch sub

From the inception of Twitch’s subscription program to the modern era of streaming, ‘icysofresh’ has maintained their sub to Ninja since 2011. Many can see this realistically being the longest sub on the platform.

Even when the streamer became the face of the now-defunct Mixer streaming community, Twitch never took down his account, giving loyalists a way to technically keep their sub alive.

“They never closed his account on Twitch so his subs stayed active if you had auto-renew on,” Icy explained. When Ninja was headlining the front page on Mixer, his longtime Twitch sub was well alive throughout it all.


From his roots streaming on, before it became Twitch, to his stints off the platform throughout the years, Ninja’s been a trailblazer in the streaming community. He’s grown his audience to nearly 17.4 million followers with over 10,000 subs, according to TwitchTracker.

In that time, he has left a mark with some people in the gaming community who have stuck with the streamer for years on end.