Christian lady goes viral again claiming Monster Energy cans are “the devil”

monster energy devilMonster Energy

Christian activist Christine Weick has gone viral once again for her presentation that claims Monster Energy drinks are tools used by the devil.

Christine Weick originally made the rounds online several years ago, thanks to a presentation she gave about the satanic nature of Monster Energy.

According to her, the imagery on the energy drink cans alone proves the company is in league with Satan. For example, Weick insists each line that makes up Monster’s “M” logo actually depicts the Hebrew letter for the number six.

The logo, then, reads “666” – the mark of the beast. (It’s worth noting the Hebrew letter in question – Vav – has more than one meaning.)

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And since one of Monster’s popular taglines is “Unleash the Best,” which appears on merchandise, Weick believes Satan uses the product to spread his influence.

Woman who claims Monster Energy is “the devil” goes viral again

Now Weick’s much-discussed presentation has begun making the rounds online once more. This time, it’s thanks to TikTok user Alan King sharing the video with the following caption: “Everybody thought this lady was crazy! She exposed this over 5 years ago!”

The clip has garnered more than 1.2 million views, with the comment section featuring nearly 30,000 replies.

Many of the comments don’t take Weick’s argument seriously in the least bit. Jokes one TikToker, “Me trying to connect two totally different stories for English class.” Someone else asked, “was she the original Karen?”

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But there are those who buy into it, saying they’re glad to have never purchased the beverage with its “subliminal marketing.” Another person wrote, “wake up, America,” in response to the Monster Energy “devil” claims.

Monster Energy doesn’t seem to have been phased by the allegations several years ago. So it’s doubtful the resurfaced video will make much of a difference now. Consumers can decide for themselves whether or not this means the Antichrist is winning the endorsement game.