Chris Brown under fire after chucking fan’s phone for taking selfies during lapdance

Virginia Glaze
Chris Brown under fire for throwing fan's phone

Chris Brown is facing backlash after tossing a fan’s phone into the crowd when she couldn’t look away from the screen — despite getting a lapdance from Breezy on stage.

A moment from Chris Brown’s 2023 tour is taking the internet by storm and sparking debate all over social media.

On Wednesday, March 1, CB decided to invite a fan onstage for the performance of his song ‘Take You Down.’ However, instead of soaking up the moment, the fan pulled out her phone, seemingly to record the concert for posterity.

At first, Brown took the phone from her hand and sat it in her lap before giving her a lapdance — but she pulled out her mobile once again, prompting the singer-songwriter to chuck the device directly into the crowd out of apparent frustration.

Thus far, the viral clip has garnered over 2.7 million views on Twitter, as well as being posted on a bevvy of other platforms. Viewers are split as to who was in the wrong, with some defending Chris Brown’s actions while others are outraged that he may have damaged someone’s personal property.

“It’s so sad that she couldn’t just enjoy the moment without taking out her phone,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Throwing the phone in the crowd was a bit aggressive.”

“She was there for him,” another argued. “She should’ve just embraced the moment, being lucky enough to be on stage with him.”

“Sue him and end his career for property theft and damage to the phone,” another suggested. “Also emotional and mental damage, as well.”

Chris Brown responds after throwing fan’s phone into crowd

It doesn’t look like Breezy is too bothered by all the outrage — at least, according to his most recent Instagram stories.

“F*ck dat phone,” he wrote over a video of the incident alongside a laughing emoji.

chris brown responds to fan phone

The artist also confirmed that the fan got her phone back by the end of the night, although it’s not clear at the time of writing if the device was damaged due to the incident.

This is far from the only moment a music artist has taken over TikTok due to a specific moment during one of their concerts. In 2021, Billie Eilish was both praised and criticized for calling out security for not “pay[in] attention” during her set after several fans were allegedly seen experiencing medical issues.