Chipotle customer takes over register to get food faster in viral TikTok


A customer went viral on TikTok after taking over the register at a ‘busy’ Chipotle to get food faster.

TikToker brown_eyed_girl95 shared a video of her friend working at the register of a Chipotle. “When you dare your co worker to go try to cash people out at Chipotle because it is busy and you want food” text over the video reads.

According to the content creator, her friend was in her work uniform, which is different from Chipotle workers’ uniforms, so no one really noticed her taking working at the register.

“In full uniform from OUR job. nobody said nothing,” text on the video reads. The TikToker says the two left shortly after her friend had cashed out a couple of orders, as customers were all “oblivious.”

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The viral TikTok clip has amassed over 184,000 views, and many viewers are surprised that the customer went unnoticed.

TikTok react to customer working at Chipotle register

Someone questioned how the customer was able to access the register.

“Did any of the workers say anything? because I swear I could work any pos and have been tempted to do this so much,” one user commented, to which the TikToker replied, “no everyone was just looking confused but went with it she just took a couple people & walked away.”

Another user thought the customer would get caught eventually.

“They have cards they swipe to log in too, I’m sure it was noticed eventually,” they wrote. The TikToker responded, “I’m sure they did but they left their card at the register she worked at a Chipotle a while ago so she knows the system. but people just didn’t care.”

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Others shared that they’ve considered taking over the Chipotle register to get orders done quicker.

“Stop when I go to another location and they’re backed up I be thinking ab offering to help just so I can get out faster,” another viewer commented.