Chess Grandmaster destroys Twitch donator on stream in five seconds - Dexerto

Chess Grandmaster destroys Twitch donator on stream in five seconds

Published: 3/Dec/2018 11:14 Updated: 3/Dec/2018 11:37

by David Purcell


When a challenger emerges from Twitch donations with the promise to defeat a chess Grandmaster, you expect them to at least put up a fight. 

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However, it only took a few measly clicks of the mouse for Benjamin Finegold to fend off donator ‘IncredibleBlunderer’, who certainly lived up to his username with a pretty incredible blunder here.

The chess match came about as the American  Grandmaster challenged his Twitch chat to take him on: “When you donate, I play you.”

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Finegold achieved the title of chess Grandmaster in 2009 and is currently ranked 924th in the world rankings of active players, according to the World Chess Federation. 


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Feeling confident in his abilities, IncredibleBlunderer decided to answer the challenge, donating some cash for the opportunity to take on the American. 

Unfortunately for him, he never got a chance to show how good he was, as Finegold quickly took advantage of a mistake by IncredibleBlunderer in his first move to destroy him in just five seconds.

Check it out:

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While some viewers may have thought this could turn into a David and Goliath type situation before the pieces got moving, the resulting performance ensured that unlike the biblical tale, it was Goliath who walked out the victor in this contest. 


If you think you’ve got what it takes, Finegold seems to be open to all challengers. You never know, you could go one better and win – or at least last longer than the five seconds IncredibleBlunderer managed!