Censor claims his house nearly burned down, car hit by dumpster truck - Dexerto

Censor claims his house nearly burned down, car hit by dumpster truck

Published: 4/Nov/2018 0:12 Updated: 4/Nov/2018 0:18

by Virginia Glaze


Recently retired Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin revealed that he was part of a motor vehicle accident with a dumpster truck, as posted in a Tweet on November 2.

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The Tweet also claimed that his house had nearly burned down, which he said that he would later expound upon during a vlog he uploaded over the incident on November 3.

Censor stated that his car was hit after returning from his bench press session with friend David Laid. He claimed that he’d gone to a restaurant in New York to meet up with some friends following the workout, during which he was paranoid that his car would be hit due to its parking position near the street.


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Being unable to find his keys, Censor later walked out to his car, where two construction workers told him that a dumpster truck had hit the vehicle while he was inside and drove away.

Censor then showed the damage to his car, which appeared to be minimal: the truck had bent his driver’s-side rear view mirror and punctured his front right tire, which he has replaced with a spare in the interim.

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This accident follows a string of odd occurrences around Censor’s home. On October 24, the YouTuber claimed that a series of dead birds had been showing up around his house, and even shared footage of two unknown individuals trespassing on his property.


While Censor has yet to explain the circumstances of his alleged house fire, its safe to say that Censor is experiencing an odd string of bad luck.