Catherine McBroom skincare brand backlash continues over missing products

Georgina Smith
Catherine McBroom poses with sunglasses

The ACE Family’s Catherine McBroom and her skincare brand 1212 Gateway continue to receive backlash as some customers claim their products still haven’t arrived.

Catherine and Austin McBroom are two of the most popular family vloggers on YouTube, and with over 19 million subscribers, the pair have had plenty of career opportunities over the years.

However, things haven’t been going smoothly for the couple recently, after a string of allegations put them in the spotlight. Austin has been accused of owning part of Social Gloves, the company in a pay scandal following the TikTokers vs. YouTubers event.

It was also rumored that they were getting evicted from their home after allegedly failing to pay mortgage and tax, but Austin disputed these claims.

Catherine McBroom with skincare brand 1212 Gateway
ACE Family flocked to purchase the products.

Catherine’s skincare brand 1212 Gateway has faced a great deal of criticism since it was launched in 2020 too, and in May that backlash ramped up when customers reported they were receiving faulty products, some even describing the business as a “scam.” In early July it was also reported the Catherine is in a legal dispute with her business partners.

Now, attention has shifted to delivery times, with some people claiming they have still yet to receive their products despite ordering them weeks or even months ago.

Although there were many positive comments about the company, some customers who were ordering the products for the third or fourth time claimed that their order hadn’t been shipped yet, or that they hadn’t received any details about the order despite waiting over two weeks.

Comments on 1212 Gateway's Instagram post

Comments on 1212 Gateway's Instagram post

Fans who have yet to order anything from the site have claimed they’re “scared to order” as a result of all the complaints they are hearing about delivery times and product quality.

Comments on 1212 Gateway's Instagram post

The shipping FAQ on 1212 Gateway’s website explains that while shipping time depends on shipment method and seasonal variations among other factors, they say that for domestic orders they allow up to a week for processing and 4-5 days for domestic delivery.

1212 Gateway's shipping FAQ

With this just adding to the ACE family’s ongoing controversies, it’s unclear what kind of impact this will have on the skincare brand.

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