Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims husband Austin is hiding “secret family”

. 1 year ago
Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims that her husband has a "secret family"
Instagram: Austin McBroom

Catherine McBroom hit back Todo Bien, a news publication on Snapchat, and rubbished the “absolutely repulsive” claims that her husband, Austin McBroom, has a “secret family.”

It’s been a massive year for the Ace Family, and it’s about to get even bigger when Austin McBroom steps into the ring against Bryce Hall at the YouTubers vs TikTokers: Battle of the Platforms event. If it all goes according to plan, the payout is going to be huge.

However, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for America’s favorite YouTube family. Rumors that Austin has a “secret daughter” have been floating around after a TikTok user claimed her baby was his child.

Catherine rubbished the claims in a lengthy post directed at a Snapchat news publication called Todo Bien.

She called them out for spreading fake news “every other week” using the same photo, and described the whole situation as “absolutely repulsive.”

"Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims Austin has a "secret
Instagram: Austin McBroom
The Ace Family has almost 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

“Every other week, Todo Bien uses this same exact photo of my husband and me to report a different version of the exact false story,” she said. “I get that using my name to lure people to click on your story is profitable, but continuing to cover a version of the same fake news is disturbing and desperate.”

“The false narrative about me is absolutely repulsive in so many ways. I can’t even begin to articulate how terribly wrong and untrue that is.” 

She believes the rumors, as well as the TikTok video, are getting “more attention than [they] should have thanks to outlets like Todo Bien” and accused them of “taking advantage” of the situation.

Todo Bien has not responded yet.

However, fans have had mixed reactions to her comments. 

Some believe it keeps re-surfacing for a reason, and think there might be some truth to the claims. Others urged her to ignore it if it’s false and stop adding more fuel to the fire by calling them out.

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