ACE family launches $50-per-month millionaire program despite admitting to “scams”

. 1 year ago
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Austin McBroom has announced his latest ambitious business venture, ‘How I Became A Millionaire, ‘which he claims will teach fans “the secrets to social media to help [them] achieve [their] dreams.”

‘How I Became A Millionaire’ (HIBAM), is the ACE Family’s new online learning program that claims to teach users how to become a millionaire social media influencer like McBroom himself.

Some of the courses already on the site include ‘How to Make Money from Social Media’ and ‘How to Grow Your Social Media Platforms.’ In order to access these courses, fans need to purchase ‘Gold Membership’, which is priced at $49.99 a month.

The program was announced on Instagram, with the official HIBAM account already standing at 23.5k followers. In a video posted to the account, McBroom can be seen standing outside his mansion in front of various sports cars, which he says he achieved through “the power of social media”.


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Yet, the website has already been causing chaos for consumers, with several fans reporting that their card had been declined when attempting to purchase the subscription. In an Instagram post, McBroom said that the website was currently “overwhelmed” due to “high traffic” but that the situation would be resolved soon.

However, for many fans, it brought back memories of the early days of ACE Club, which was flooded with web issues during its first outing. One Twitter fan said, “He must want to get sued for a video or something because this is not going to end well.”

What happened to the ACE Club?

This new venture comes six months after the ACE Club, a premium members-only platform, was shut down. The website, which also operated as an app for smartphones, required users to subscribe for $2.99 a month to gain access to exclusive content, livestreams and giveaways.

Opening up about the ACE Club in an Instagram livestream, Austin McBroom explained that the website wasn’t fit for purpose. He admitted that, as a result, users of the ACE Club were effectively “scammed”, although he insisted that they had “refunded everybody” who subscribed to the platform.

“Unfortunately, the people we partnered up with for ACE Club ended up scamming us,” he explained. “It hurt us because, in reality, you guys got scammed. The website wasn’t built to the degree that we needed it to be, so you guys didn’t get the value you should’ve got, so unfortunately we had to stop funding the ACE Club.”

But that’s not the end of the controversial venture; the family recently announced they’re working with a developer to re-launch the Club at some point.

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