Cardi B shuts down women making fun of TikToker for taking photos

cardi b hits out at women making fun of tiktokerYouTube: Cardi B / TikTok: jackielabonita

Rapper Cardi B put two women in their place after they were caught making fun of a woman on TikTok taking photos of herself at a ball game.

A woman on TikTok is receiving a swath of support from netizens after she was nearly brought to tears when two bystanders started openly mocking her for taking photos of herself at a ball game.

In the video, TikTok user ‘Jackie La Bonita’ gave a play-by-play of the incident, showing herself posing for photos while a woman sitting behind her seemed to notice her filming and flipped the bird at the camera.

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That’s not all; the woman even started recording the whole thing herself, loudly saying, “Laaaame” and even getting her friend in on the ordeal, with both letting out loud laughs.

Jackie claims that she could hear their conversation and confirmed that they were talking about her. Her video, which she uploaded to TikTok, has racked up over 34 million views since being posted on Saturday, April 22 — and netizens weren’t impressed with the ladies’ behavior.

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Although comments have now been disabled on Jackie’s post, users across social media are claiming that angry viewers managed to find the women on social media and allegedly doxxed their personal information.

Cardi B calls out women for making fun of TikToker

That’s not all; the incident even caught the attention of American rap star Cardi B, who put out a scathing tweet making special mention of Jackie’s large, jewel-encrusted ring.

“I would [have] put that ring to use,” she said.

Commenters were quick to agree with the rapper, with many claiming that the women got what was coming to them. However, others seemed to feel that the internet went a bit too far by exposing their private information online.

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“If you go somewhere and you sit behind someone who’s trying to enjoy themselves, and all you could do is sit there and make fun of them, then your life gotta be pretty sad and pathetic,” one user said.

“Girl, don’t lose that confidence because you’re BEAUTIFUL and they’re over there being obnoxious and doing all that because they’re just jealous,” another said., “Like, who does that to another girl? if I was there or any other girl was there, we would be hyping you UP!”

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“I hate mean girls!” another said.

This is far from the first time Cardi B has been involved in internet drama; in fact, the rapper found herself getting called out by a hacker who took over Bella Poarch’s Twitter account in 2022, sparking some unexpected drama between the two music artists.

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