Car vandal leaves Pokemon “calling card” at scene of the crime

pokemon card vandal carDaily Mail

A man who vandalized a car with white paint in Portsmouth, Hampshire, left an ominous Pokemon calling card at the scene of the crime.

Ingrid, a woman from Portsmouth, Hampshire, has experienced repeated attacks on her Volkswagen Beatle since October 2022. Her blue car has been covered in white paint by an unknown assailant on multiple occasions, but the local police force theorizes she is the victim of mistaken identity.

They’ve come to this conclusion as the vandal has written “Donna” on the hood of her car, which is her next-door neighbor’s name. Ingrid has written to the police claiming her neighbor is the target of these crimes due to a “grudge” and that their neighbor has been under attack since June of 2022.

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Ingrid claims her car was vandalized for the first time on October 14, 2022, and the attack cost her over £100 to fix and raised her annual insurance premium. And on Sunday, February 5, Ingrid’s car was vandalized again, but the culprit left more behind than white paint.

Pokemon calling card left at vandalism crime scene

As reported by Daily Mail UK, the vandal left behind a calling card after throwing white paint on Ingrid’s vehicle. But instead of a handwritten note or custom print job, they left behind an ominous Pokemon card.

“Call for Backup,” the Pokemon’s move read. The card was of the Steel-type Klink from 2020’s Darkness Ablaze expansion. Sadly, while some cards sell for hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars, this Klink averages about $0.19 in pristine conditions.

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klink call for backup calling cardDailyMail
The vandal left behind this Pokemon card which reads “Call for Backup”

According to Ingrid, the local police haven’t been much help in throwing the vandal into the clink. Despite multiple reports from Ingrid over the last few months, and other alleged attacks committed by the same suspect, the case is still under investigation.

“I am either going to have to sell the car or build a garage, which I have never needed before,” Ingrid stated, “I want my neighbours to move so hopefully they take the problem with them.”