Why is #RIPDream trending? YouTuber Dream death hoax goes viral


Despite still being very much alive, #RIPDream went viral and began trending on January 4 after fans and haters of the Minecraft YouTuber Dream started clashing on Twitter. Here’s everything you need to know, including how he responded.

After gaining over 14 million subscribers over the past year, it’s safe to say that Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers right now. Despite this popularity, he has amassed a large amount of haters as well, especially after his cheating scandal hit the internet a few weeks back.

On January 4, both his haters and his fans started going at it on Twitter and even caused the hashtag #RIPDream to trend, causing some confusion about whether or not the YouTuber was okay. Amidst the confusion, #WeLoveYouDream also began making the rounds online.

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Fortunately, Dream is safe and sound, meaning the original hashtag is simply just a “joke” going around right now, but that hasn’t stopped some from adding to it.

Apparently, there have even been reports that some of his haters took the joke so far that they edited his Wikipedia page, lending more credence to the rumor that something had happened to the YouTuber.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Twitter war if the subject of said war didn’t respond in some way. A few hours after the dust had settled, Dream himself took to his account to write “can’t believe Dream died”, quickly followed by another tweet saying “(this is sarcastic),” presumably to stop any more speculation about the subject before the original even had a chance to take off.

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The YouTuber also took to his personal account, jokingly stating that he had been killed by sapnap, another YouTuber and a friend of his.

Of course, both of these tweets are a bit of a non-statement but sometimes it’s better to not respond to the madness than it is to actually reply and given the YouTuber’s comedic nature, it’s only fitting that he respond in such a way.