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CallMeCarson speechless after awkward Pokémon encounter in Twitch return

Published: 4/Sep/2021 14:17

by Sam Comrie


Twitch streamer CallMeCarson made his return to streaming, but was quickly left red-faced after an awkward moment with the Pokemon story.

Carson King, or to his followers as CallMeCarson, is known for his comedic streaming antics. Prominently streaming Minecraft with fellow creators, Carson has finally returned to Twitch following a lengthy break with stemmed from grooming allegations earlier this year.

In a bid to get back on track, the streamer announced his “The Year of Charity” initiative. The event is designed to ensure 100% of Carson’s earnings are divided towards worthy causes.

Despite briefly appearing on Mizkif’s stream, Carson officially made his streaming return on September 1st but was quickly hit with a pretty awkward moment.


CallMeCarson on camera
YouTube: CallMeCarson
CallMeCarson has returned from an 8 month hiatus.

An awkward blunder

Logging on for some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Carson’s streaming resurgence was off to a good start. Viewers were settling in for an unpredictable event. Unpredictable it was indeed.

Navigating through boxes of dialog, Carson came across a rather peculiar interaction that seems to take some personal shots.

Clearly in the earlier steps of his Pokémon adventure, it was time for Carson to weave through some important narrative decisions. Speaking to the persona of CallMeCarson’s in-game character, the game described him as a “lone wolf” that “older folks” may find him as “disagreeable”.

Taking the odd dialog in stride, it was the next passage that proved too strange. Moving onto the next tree of dialog it all became clear: “But people younger than you tend to really admire you!”.


Visually flabbergasted by the game’s too raw dialog, the streamer handled the moment with grace as the chat recoiled with spams of laughs and “OH NO.”

The moment passed fleetingly as Carson moved the stream on quickly, putting the attention on his choice of Pokémon. That was probably for the best.