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CallMeCarson opens up on dating after facing “grooming” allegations

Published: 21/Mar/2022 19:35

by Dylan Horetski


YouTuber Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King revealed details about his dating life during an episode of ‘The Iced Coffee Hour,’ hosted by YouTubers Graham Stephan and Jack Selby.

In January 2021, CallMeCarson was accused of grooming at least one underage fan — leading to the YouTuber taking an extended break from the internet.

The creator made several Twitter returns later in the year before making a surprise appearance on Mizkif’s stream in August.

During an episode of ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’ with Graham Stephan and Jack Selby, the hosts asked Carson why he doesn’t use any dating apps. The YouTuber then went on to explain that he’s not ready to date just yet.


CallMeCarson details his dating life

During the episode, the trio was talking about how Carson doesn’t have his driver’s license yet. After King mentioned that he had been thinking about getting one but wasn’t sure, Graham and Jack said: “What if you need to go somewhere?”

Carson then asked: “Where do you suggest I go?” Which prompted the hosts to recommend that he could go on a date.

“Pfft. Not right now. That’s a whole debacle,” Carson replied. “I’m not dating until I’m 35.”

(Topic starts at 43:17 in video)

Graham and Zack went on to ask the YouTuber whether or not he’s on any dating apps. He replied: “No. I don’t wanna be. I’m just not ready.”


Although they didn’t get into the topic too much further, this is one of the first times Carson has mentioned the situation that unfolded last January. The creator has continued to lay low since his surprise return in August 2021, streaming sporadically on his Twitch channel.

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