Bryce Hall claims refs stopped Austin McBroom boxing match too early

Bryce Hall YouTube vs TikTokers refYouTube: Pap Galore

Two weeks since his knockout loss to Austin McBroom at the Battle of the Platforms event, TikTok star Bryce Hall has lashed out at the referee who stopped the fight a little too early for his liking.

At the first of its kind YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, things didn’t quite go according to plan for the TikTok camp. It was a YouTube sweep all the way through to the main event which saw McBroom finish Hall in Round 3.

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Despite a major discrepancy in their output – with Hall only throwing 10 punches to McBroom’s 29 – the TikToker believes the fight could have continued. 

After reflecting on the outcome for a fortnight, he argued that the referee may have stepped in too early in a June 23 quote to Pap Galore.


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“I felt like I could’ve kept going,” Hall stressed. However, he ultimately recognized that “it’s the ref’s decision” in the end.

Prior to the stoppage, Hall was bloody and bruised inside of the first two rounds. During the third, he was dropped multiple times before the ref ultimately called it off. Throughout the few minutes of action, it became clear to Hall that the ref “did not f***ing like [him].”

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“I don’t know what I did to that ref, but he did not like me one bit.”

After multiple warnings in the span of just a few exchanges, the ref became visibly frustrated at Hall’s attempts to grapple and stall the fight. From Hall’s perspective, this frustration was a little too much.

With his first boxing loss in the rear-view mirror, Hall confirmed that he’s back in the gym already. While he’s “down to do a boxing match” again, a potential opponent remains up in the air.

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KSI may have been the go-to option at first, but with his record now at 0-1, it appears that fight is off-limits.