Bryce Hall hits back at claims he’s “scared” of pro rules in TikTokers vs YouTubers boxing event

Jacob Hale
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Bryce Hall has laughed off claims that he’s “scared” of using lighter, pro-level gloves in the upcoming YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, as things heat up between the two groups.

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is set to be a big one, with some of the most well-known TikTok stars taking on their YouTube peers in the ring.

While the full line-up has become huge and promises a great night, it all started with beef between TikTok’s most divisive creator, Bryce Hall, and the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom.

Now, with the June 12 fight date getting ever-closer, the pressure is heating up, and Hall has had to hit out at his detractors and defend himself and his TikTok peers.

Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder
Bryce and fellow Sway boy Tayler Holder are among the biggest names at the boxing event.

With UK YouTuber and 2021 London Mayoral candidate Niko Omilana goading Bryce, saying that Tayler Holder is “scared” to use “thinner” gloves in his fight against AnEsonGib, Bryce had to stick up for his friend and himself.

“Nobody is scared… we all want the smaller gloves,” he said in response to Omilana’s comment. “Trust me, it’s the Athletic Committee because we aren’t pro fighters. I argued immediately and wanted it changed but it’s either no headgear and 16oz or headgear 14 oz!”

Bryce adds that he would much rather fight with “no headgear,” and attaches a list of rules from the commission to prove his point that it wouldn’t be possible for them to use smaller gloves.

The rule in question reads: “16oz Gloves are required and must be provided by Simply Greatness Production (cannot be fighter’s own gloves).”

It also adds that sanctioning inspectors will be “watching and confirming each fighter’s wrapping,” ensuring that everything is fair and done by the book.

Of course, fans and fighters alike would prefer to see the smaller gloves in use and add a bit of extra legitimacy to the event, but it should be an interesting one regardless.

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