Bryce Hall explains why he’s “so happy” he got arrested

Andrew Amos
Bryce Hall squinting at camera and smiling

Bryce Hall has opened up to Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcast about his May arrest, explaining to the YouTuber why he’s “so happy” he got arrested, as well as detailing the moments leading up to his arrest.

Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested back in May 2020 on drug offences in Texas. While they’ve still got their court date ahead of them, Hall went onto Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast to talk about the entire ordeal.

He outlined exactly what happened on the night of May 25, and also spoke candidly about how the experience behind bars changed his life.

“I’m actually so happy that I got arrested because it kind of put me in check,” the TikTok star admitted on the July 29 episode.

“We were in jail for 13 hours, we got out. Everyone said that we were privileged and shit, but actually Jaden and I – and even the people who didn’t get arrested – came to a huge realization, and we leveled out after that. Honestly, worst experience of my life. I don’t ever want to go back.”

Hall mentioned that they were pulled over for no reason, but he did admit he suspected it was some sort of profiling due to the car he was in with his “black security guard” in tow.

“We got pulled over for no reason. We were in a luxury Sprinter van. We were literally driving the speed limit. We are in Giddings, Texas, so they don’t see that sh*t often. They see my black security guard and my light-skinned driver, driving with tinted-ass windows in the back,” he explained.

“They pulled out my driver and they just started searching him. I’m like talking to all the people in the car ⁠— Jaden [Hossler], Josh [Richards], my photographer, my videographer ⁠— and I’m like ‘guys, if they check us, we’re all going to jail for a very f**king long time.’ We were just in shock.”

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The TikTok star did admit that he should have known better, and done better. “I f**ked up. I got caught with f**king drugs.”

However, Logan Paul came in with a different perspective. Given Hall was only caught with marijuana on him, the YouTuber claimed the charges were “laughable.”

“Depending on where you are, this is laughable,” Paul chimed in.

Hall also mentioned that he is getting ready to go to court to try and contest the charges. “We are changed. We haven’t smoked. It’s our first offence. We’ve got our lawyers, we’re ready.”

Hall will appear in court on September 3.