Brent Rivera apologizes after confrontation with YouTuber over “fake” pranks in viral video

Brent Rivera apologizes over confrontation over fake videosYouTube: Tyler Oliveira / TikTok: Brent Rivera

YouTuber and TikTok star Brent Rivera has issued an apology to fans after being confronted by influencer Tyler Oliveira at a hotel, who accused him of “faking” his prank videos.

Brent Rivera is a hugely popular figure on YouTube, where he boasts over 25 million subscribers. Similarly, he’s also garnered a massive fanbase on TikTok, where he’s raked in over 46 million followers.

Rivera’s videos mostly center around pranks and over-the-top challenges, such as spending the night in the “world’s weirdest hotels” or pranking his friends with a “fake muscle suit” by pretending he suddenly got shredded in the gym.

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Despite his impressive viewership, not everyone is a fan of Rivera’s content. In February 2022, Rivera was confronted by fellow YouTuber Tyler Oliveira, who approached him and his buddies while they were staying at the Stanley Hotel, famous for inspiring Steven King’s horror novel ‘The Shining’ (and its movie adaptation).

Brent Rivera confronted by YouTuber over “faked” videos

Oliveira uploaded their confrontation to YouTube, which has racked up nearly 1 million views in about ten days. At the very beginning of the video, he walked out of his room to see two women from Rivera’s team dressed up as twin girls from The Shining, who explained that they were pulling a prank on their friends for a video.

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After introducing himself to Rivera and his group, he then accused the YouTuber of faking his videos and “stealing everyone’s ideas,” and clashed with the team several times despite Rivera’s protests.

At one point, Rivera told Oliveira to “have fun with your 100 subscribers,” prompting a few comments from Oliveira about Rivera’s attitude as a high-profile creator.

Eventually, hotel security got involved due to complaints of “harassment” from Rivera and his friends. When Oliveira stepped outside his room after the initial confrontation, he once again verbally clashed with Rivera and co., resulting in security telling him to leave the premises and even getting local law enforcement involved.

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Brent Rivera speaks out after viral confrontation over “faked” videos

Several days later, Rivera told his side of the story on TikTok, claiming that the hotel had “chosen to call the police” to de-escalate matters and claiming that he “wasn’t proud” of how he reacted to the situation.

“As the night went on, he continued to approach us with his camera, saying awful things about me, my friends, and my sister to try and get a rise out of me for his video,” Rivera explained. “At a certain point, it bubbled up so much that I did what he wanted. I stooped down to his level and I said something I should not have said.”

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“His actions toward us and other guests on the tour caused the hotel staff, not me, to call security,” he continued. “He was warned several times by the hotel staff to not only leave us, but other guests and hotel staff alone.”

Thus far, both Rivera’s and Oliveira’s fanbases have been supportive of their favorite creators, and neither creator has spoken out about the situation further since then (although Oliveira took a few more shots at Rivera in his most recent video).