Brawl Breaks Out at KSI vs Logan Paul and Jake Paul vs Deji Press Conference Ahead of YouTube Boxing Fight

Calum Patterson

Tensions got to boiling point at the first press conference between YouTube stars KSI, ComedyShortsGamer and Jake and Logan Paul.

The press conference was the first major promotional event for the much anticipated YouTube boxing fight, set for August 25th.

Jake Paul and his opponent ComedyShortsGamer (also known as Deji) were first to come up on stage, and got the crowd chanting and amped up, as well as exchanging the expected trash talk.

Neither of the stars really outshone the other, with a lot of shouting and little actual answering of the host’s questions going on.

But it was an appropriate build up for the next two fighters, who came out to a packed crowd outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

KSI got a very loud reception, but it was even louder for Logan Paul’s entrance, as expected given the event was in the US, while both KSI and Deji are from the UK.

The trash talk was better between KSI and Logan, although both seemed a little stumped to find their words at times in amongst all the commotion.

Things got very heated however after KSI put on a blonde wig to impersonate Logan, and the Paul brother reached in to rip off the wig and attempt to take KSI’s headband.

KSI immediately pushed Logan back, and the entourages from both sides jumped in to the middle of the stage, and all of a sudden it got out of hand.

You can watch the full stream below from KSI’s channel, with the conference starting at around the 1:11:00 minute mark.

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