Bodypainting streamer calls out Twitch’s guidelines after “wrongful” ban

Alan Bernal

After being indefinitely banned by Twitch, bodypainter ‘forkgirl’ is continuing her pursuit to hold the platform accountable for its undefined approach toward the art.

To be clear, the streaming site has already defined what it permits under its community guidelines in regard to bodypainting and cosplay. Brian ‘Citizen’ Petrocelli, Product Marketing at Twitch, said during a Twitch Town Hall that it was “okay,” given its context.

However, his statement only fuels the demands for answers from forkgirl and the rest of the bodypainting community, which stem from inconsistencies of what was said to what’s being done toward the streamer.

After being banned due to a broadcast on February 13, the streamer has been looking for answers from Twitch to get her channel reinstated.

Using her talents to aid her quest for a solution, forkgirl devised all-new body art specifically calling out Twitch’s 2018 tweet, where they told the community to “hold [them] accountable” for how they enforce their policies.

“Twitch, we are holding you accountable,” forkgirl said in her message to Twitch. “The Twitch body-paint community deserves the clear guidelines and communication that were promised to us. My channel has been wrongfully taken from me and I’m asking you to make this right.”

In the past, forkgirl outlined her body-painting process, specifically noting that her chest doesn’t appear on stream until she has taken the appropriate measures to cover up in front of her live audience.

A February 18 tweet from the bodypainter compared two different stills from her streams. One picture showed a completed body art of Jade from Mortal Kombat that received no sanctions from Twitch.

Meanwhile, the other side showed her incomplete art of Persephone that got her “indefinitely banned on Twitch for nudity,” according to the broadcaster.

“Do these both show cleavage? Yes,” forkgirl said of the side-by-side comparison. “Are they lewd/sexual at all? No. If twitch specified the exact coverage they wanted would I comply? ABSOLUTELY! Can I read Twitch’s mind? No.”

With renewed pressure toward the site, forkgirl and her supporters are awaiting a response from Twitch in hopes of ultimately lifting the ban on her channel.

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