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Pokimane explains why being called a “Twitch thot” doesn’t bother her

Published: 20/Feb/2020 22:22 Updated: 21/Feb/2020 10:04

by Virginia Glaze


Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, boasting a huge audience of over 3.9 million followers on the site — but being an internet star doesn’t come without its difficulties.

Although Pokimane sports a hugely supportive fanbase, she likewise has a horde of haters, many of whom label her a “Twitch thot” — an insulting term meant to degrade women on the platform by accusing them of using their sexuality to get views.

While she is best known for her hilarious interactions with fans and Fortnite Duos streams, Anys has apparently come to terms with the insult in her many years of being a top-tier broadcaster.


Pokimanelol, Instagram
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers – but thanks to her fame, she’s also got a lot of haters.

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She spoke on this particular word in an OfflineTV video on February 20, where the streaming squad got together to read mean Tweets about themselves in the style of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular television segment.

One of the “mean Tweets” about Pokimane was made in response to a fan-created Fortnite skin for the star, which read, “I don’t think they should make a skin for a Twitch thot. They made one for Loserfruit, but she’s not a thot.”

D3NNI_yt, Twitter
3D modeler and fan “D3NNI_yt” created an impressive Fortnite skin for Pokimane – but some critics weren’t pleased with their creation.

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After having a good laugh at the ridiculous commenter, who went on to preemtively defend themselves against “12-year-old fanboy white knights,” Anys explained why being called a “thot” isn’t something that bothers her anymore.


“‘Thot’ is like the lowest list of anything that will hurt me,” she joked. “I’ve heard that sh*t a million times!”

(Segment begins at 5:00 for mobile readers)

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That’s not all: Pokimane also commented on the seemingly neverending jabs at her viral makeupless selfie, with one commenter writing, “Looks like you’re thankful for makeup and filters” on her Thanksgiving day photos.

“But like, I am!” she admitted. “I’m so not ashamed of it! I think most girls are. Filters are insane, nowadays!”

Pokimanelol, Instagram
Pokimane’s Thanksgiving-themed selfies didn’t go over well for one internet troll.

While the rest of the gang also read aloud some extremely disturbing posts directed at them, their video just goes to show that if you’ve got haters, you’re doing something right — and those who take the time to spout toxicity are usually just taking out their own frustrations on others.