Beyonce fan goes viral using The Last of Us to find concert seats before tour

HBO, WikiMediaCommons: Peter Sekesan

The Last of Us is making the headlines for more than one reason at the moment after one quick-thinking fan used the second game to prepare themself for an upcoming Beyonce concert.

If you’ve not been keeping up to date, The Last of Us is now not only a critically acclaimed video game franchise, but it’s now also a hit TV show that continues to deliver unbelievable television and attract new viewers.

The adaptation has been a huge success for HBO and has been a massive hit with gamers due to how loyal the show has stayed true to much of the original source material.

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Outside of TV and game, it seems that even the medium of music is teaming up with The Last of Us after one fan used a moment from the second game for a Beyonce gig they are attending.

The Last of Us Part II and Beyonce team up?

Worldwide music sensation Beyonce is set to embark on her worldwide Renaissance Tour in 2023 and it will span 40+ dates across the world.

One date, in particular, will take place at Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington. This just so happens to be the venue where Abby takes up residence in The Last of Us Part II – known in the game as the WLF Stadium Base.

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You get to explore the stadium in the sequel, and TikTok user chalametvinyl, a fan of both The Last of Us and Beyonce, has tickets to the Seattle Beyonce show.

They posted a video of Abby in the stadium with the caption: “Me playing The Last of Us 2 so I can scope out my seats for the renaissance tour.”

While the in-game stadium is a broken-down version of its real-life counterpart, the size, and scope look spot-on to the actual stadium.

It would still be fairly easy to get an idea of where you’d be sitting at the actual concert and what it might look like using your imagination.

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You wouldn’t think that Bloaters and Beyonce would come together like this, but life throws up surprises from time.

Also, take a look at our preview for The Last of Us Episode 6 as the series looks to explore more of the original game’s narrative.