Best of TikTok’s viral pumpkin designs trend: Among Us, Pokemon, WAP

Images of a TikTok pumpkin along with an Among Us pumpkinTikTok: jacibutler / squishyvangogh

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and many creatively inclined TikTok users have been in their element, producing some fantastic pumpkin designs inspired by a huge range of different sources. Here’s some of the best, just in time for Halloween.

Video sharing app TikTok has become a hub for explosive trends, and Halloween inspired videos have been popping up left, right, and center.

People have already been getting in the Halloween spirit by participating in the hugely popular Tim Burton challenge. The trend sees TikTok users utilize the blue line filter, a filter that allows you to freeze the screen as a line passes by, to see what they would look like as a character in a creepy Tim Burton film.

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But not every trend needs a filter to get popular, and as October has swung around, people have been sharpening their carving tools and getting to work on some fantastic pumpkin designs, many going viral on the app.

Between last Halloween and this one, countless new trends and pop culture hits have surfaced, and just about all of them have made their way onto a pumpkin. Here are some of our favorites.

Gaming pumpkin designs

Naturally, one of the biggest gaming sensations of 2020, Among Us, has served as a great inspiration for designs this year, and the simplistic nature of the sprites make it a perfect candidate for a pumpkin. That along with some other classic gaming favorites have garnered popularity on the app.

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Among Us


TikTok inspired pumpkin designs

Some users have been inspired by the app itself, recreating some TikTok branded Halloween gear, along with taking notes from one of the biggest trends of the year, the WAP dance, which stars like Addison Rae went viral for.

TikTok logo

WAP dance

Movie pumpkin designs

Many have tried their hand at some intricate movie-related designs, but ‘noordinarypumpkin’ has lived up to his username with a stunning carving of the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Additionally, former NASA engineer Mark Rober went viral with his video of NASA’s pumpkin carving contest, featuring hilariously over-engineered pumpkins. This included a green-colored Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. with a moving eyeball – if you felt like being ambitious this year.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monsters, Inc.

Viral pumpkin hits

Some of the most viral videos have been spins on the standard smiley face design seen each year, with designs for every skill level. One user got creative with a piece of string, and another got over one million views for his simple but effective approach.

Using string

Tiny face

And with time still left before Halloween there’s no doubt that the pumpkin fun is only just beginning, with plenty more brilliant designs left to pop up before the big night.

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