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Ben Askren explains why he “doesn’t regret” Jake Paul fight

Published: 20/Apr/2021 16:06

by Jacob Hale


On Saturday, April 17, MMA star Ben Askren was knocked out in the first round in his fight against YouTuber Jake Paul — but insists he doesn’t regret the bout.

The fight itself was one of the most highly-anticipated YouTube boxing events in history. Not only was Jake Paul taking on a legitimately decorated fighter to further his boxing career, but names such as Justin Bieber, Addison Rae, and Snoop Dogg were also in attendance.

Many fans argued that the fight was rigged after it happened, something that Askren has vehemently denied.

That doesn’t mean he regrets taking the fight, though, as he explained on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show.


Jake Paul knocks Ben Askren
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Jake Paul made short work of Askren, despite the latter’s long history in combat sports.

When discussing the fight with Helwani, Askren was asked whether he regrets the fight, giving a very clear response.

“I didn’t give a sh*t,” the former UFC fighter said. “Monday after, I’m going to be doing podcasts and coaching wrestling. Win, lose or draw, there were no more fights for me.

“The only reason I would not have taken the fight, actually happened. The ability to have an embarrassing moment. That’s a terrible reason not to do it, in my opinion.”

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Askren went on to say that he “was getting paid really well and thought it was a fun opportunity,” adding that it was “a fight that had little significance in my life.”


Of course, Ben’s embarrassing moment came in the form of his premature knockout, but judging by this interview and the footage of him after the fight, he doesn’t seem particularly bothered.

Askren reportedly received a $500,000 payout simply for stepping in the ring against Paul, not including any bonuses or PPV shares. Needless to say, it was probably a fight worth taking, win or lose.