Below Deck’s Captain Sandy admits she nearly fired all the stews on Captain Lee’s boat

captain sandy on below deckBravo

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn has admitted that she considered firing one of the remaining stews on Captain Lee’s boat after taking over in Season 10.

Season 10 of Below Deck has been one for the ages with plenty of drama involving the crew on the work side and their personal relationships.

Ever since Captain Lee Rosbach had to leave the season earlier due to health issues, Captain Sandy cleaned house on the interior side of things by firing Camille Lamb.

Sandy, erm, Captain Sandy, followed this up by sacking Alissa Humber for showing an “intolerable” lack of respect and it turns out that she had another crew member in her crosshairs for a bit.

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Captain Sandy reveals she nearly fired Fraser Olender

During an interview with Us Weekly, Captain Sandy explained that she considered letting Chief Stew Fraser Olender go, but decided against it.

If she had followed through, this would have meant that Hayley De Sola Pinto would be the only stew left standing from the original crew that began Season 10.

hayley and fraser from below deckInstagram/hayleydesolapinto
Hayley and Fraser are the only two remaining stews from the start of Below Deck S10.

“There was a moment [where I considered firing him]. Absolutely. Because listen the walls are thin and [it is important to not] jump on their bandwagon. Change that narrative. That’s your role as the superior here,” she said.

“You’re absolutely responsible for your team. So I didn’t go to the [interior] team members [with my issues]. I went to the chief stew and said, ‘This isn’t happening. You hired them. Fix it.’”

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The Captain went on to say that she was wrong for calling Fraser “cancer” earlier in the season, noting that she has had cancer herself and that she “should have chosen different words.”

However, added that it appeared as if Fraser was “confused” about the job.

“I think Fraser was confused. He really never had that leadership support,” she added. “If you just open the doors and let them go figure it out on your own — that doesn’t exist. Then you have what you have.”

Luckily, the two seem to have ended their feud with Fraser even revealing that by the end of the season, fans will see how she taught him about himself and “opened his eyes to things he wouldn’t have dealt with so well.”

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