Below Deck’s Ben & Camille reveal relationship status after Leigh-Ann “love triangle”

below deck ben and camilleBravo / Instagram: Camille Lamb

Below Deck Season 10 saw a boatmance emerge between Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb, which later turned into a possible love triangle with new stewardess Leight-Ann Smith… And finally, they have addressed relationship rumors.

The storyline ran right throughout the season of Below Deck US, even after Camille was fired by Captain Lee’s replacement, Sandy Yawn.

Camille was very close to Ben and even returned on-screen for a meal after she was axed from the crew, before returning back home to the United States. So, what happened after that?

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As reported by Bravo TV, now all three cast members have put rumors to bed.

Did Ben & Camille meet up after Below Deck?

Ben Willoughby has confirmed on social media that he did, indeed, meet up with Camille after Season 10’s charter season closed off.

A post on Instagram showed a snap of them together, showing fans they did stick to their word. In the episode after Alissa’s firing, Camille was the first person he Facetimed to gauge her reaction, which showed they were still in contact for a period of time.

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In the post, he said: “Following my heart always has [led] me to where I am now… Camille and I spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic and honestly, I fell in love with this wild spark.”

He compared it to a primary school crush, saying they had the makings of something between them.

Below Deck’s Ben Willoughby reveals relationship status

On Instagram, Ben confirmed that he is no longer with Camille and is single.

“Sadly soon after we decided that this wasn’t meant to be,” Ben’s caption continued.

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“Being honest, that was a very tough pill to swallow. We are not together anymore [but] in a perfect world it would have been something of a fairytale. We both organically fell in love with one another and had many, many memories to share throughout this whole [Below Deck] journey.”

Watch Below Deck’s Alissa reveal her verdict on the romance below, with Andy Cohen.

Ben and Leigh-Ann respond to relationship rumors

One follower asked Ben about a potential hookup with Leigh-Ann – the stew who replaced Alissa on board – and he stated they are not in a relationship despite meeting up.

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“Yes! But didn’t work either.”

Leigh-Ann also posted about the “love triangle” saying that she stayed with Ben, renting an apartment together, after the show wrapped.

“I was there for him as he was getting through his breakup and was a shoulder to lean on,” she wrote. “I did everything in my will to put a smile on his face every day even though it was killing my own mental health.

“We also spoke about working and traveling together and Ben possibly coming to [South Africa] with me.”

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On top of that, she said she’s still waiting for a response from Ben. After staying in contact for a while, it seems the romance has fizzled out between them.

Is Camille Lamb in a relationship after Below Deck?

camille below deckCamille Lamb, Instagram
Camille did meet up with Ben after the series, but they are no longer together.

In an Instagram live stream, which she started after the Season 10 finale went off the air, Camille responded to a number of questions from fans.

She noted that both Ben and Leigh-Ann were staying with each other, and that she is officially single – following the romance on board. In fact, she also hinted at a possible appearance on Love Island, too.

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Whether or not these two singles will rekindle what they had together in the future remains to be seen. But for now, one thing is certain – they are keeping their options open.

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