Banned OnlyFans teacher flooded TikTok with ‘hairy armpit’ videos before being fired

onlyfans teacher spammed tiktokTikTok

Former preschool teacher Brenna Percy made multiple videos celebrating her ‘hairy armpits’ before being fired after her OnlyFans content was discovered.

Last week, Brenna Percy, also known by her stage name ‘hairyboo’ was fired from her job at Wolf Swamp Road School after she was caught creating OnlyFans content in the school’s washroom.

The disturbing discovery made international headlines and even resulted in the ex-teacher being banned from OnlyFans for violating its Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

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Now, new videos have come to light revealing that the preschool teacher had a controversial presence on TikTok prior to being fired and banned from the adult platform.

OnlyFans teacher’s wild TikTok videos discovered

As reported by DailyStar, Percy had an account on TikTok under the very appropriate name of ‘boobackup42069.’ On it, she would post videos documenting her hair that she refused to shave.

While the account has since been deleted, stitches with the content have survived, such as one with a quote above her head that reads, “I don’t mind the hairy pits! It’s not like you have a raging bush or anything, right?”

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Another video has Percy holding three fingers above her head in a Hunger Games-like salute with the caption, “calling all hairy babes.”

The videos split opinions on TikTok with some agreeing that the area was inconvenient to shave while others pondered if the hair made her “uncomfortable.”

In any case, Percy has seemingly vanished from social media since her firing and subsequent ban from OnlyFans and it’s not clear what she’s up to now.

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Another teacher who was fired and banned from OnlyFans for producing content in school with her husband, Samantha Peer, has meanwhile made a killing by transitioning to other websites.

It remains to be seen if Percy will follow in her footsteps or if law enforcement has gotten involved in the case.