Axiun pleads for Twitch unban 640 days after suspension for TwitchCon incident - Dexerto

Axiun pleads for Twitch unban 640 days after suspension for TwitchCon incident

Published: 30/Jun/2021 14:29

by Jacob Hale


Almost two years after being banned on the platform, streamer Axiun has put out a public appeal to ask Twitch to unban him and let him broadcast on there once again.

All the way back in September 2019, Axiun attended TwitchCon with some friends, an annual party of sorts where all the top streamers congregate, socialize, and celebrate all things Twitch.

It normally provides some great content as names from all different communities mix, but it can occasionally cause issues for streamers too.

Axiun is the perfect example of this, after he lost his channel completely for a misdemeanor at the event.


In 2019, Axiun was banned from the platform over concerns that he had been allowing people to use his pass to gain entry.

While he initially provided different alibis as to why said friends had his pass — saying that they were simply trying to return his pass to him — he has seemingly admitted that he was in the wrong and was lending out the pass.

Now, he’s posted a Twitlonger explaining the situation and, most importantly, pleading for his channel to be unbanned.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how stupid it was chancing my account on lending out my badge,” he said. “I have faced my punishment and have grown from it. I learned from my mistakes and am now asking for another chance… I hope one day they’ll give me a chance to redeem myself.”


Twitch do not speak publicly on bans from the platform so it’s unlikely they will respond to Axiun’s pleas, though it’s not impossible that they reconsider his ban at some point.

He and his fans will wait in hope, but ultimately, it’s rare that we see permanent bans result in someone getting their account back. For Axiun, he might have to start reconsidering his options.