Axel Webber updates fans after skyscraper video goes viral: “I’m not Spiderman”

Axel Webber TikTokTikTok: Axel Webber

TikToker Axel Webber has posted an update after a video of him on top of a skyscraper in New York City went viral, worrying fans. 

Axel Webber has taken TikTok by storm since he began uploading videos to the short-form video app. He initially gained popularity for showing off his extremely tiny New York City apartment.

Since then his fans have raged at Juilliard, Axel’s Tinder account was banned and the creator was even a guest on David Dobriks podcast.

On April 27 he posted a series of videos showing his process of climbing a skyscraper in Times Square, ending the series with videos of him standing on the edge of the roof.

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These worried fans about his safety, so Axel posted an update video showing he was safely back at home.

Axel Webber Instagram selfieInstagram: theaxelwebber
Axel Webber has seen a huge rise to online fame after documenting his low-budget lifestyle in NYC.

Axel Webber scales skyscraper, worries fans

His first video gave fans a sneak peek at the skyscraper’s size, and Axel asked if he should climb to the top.

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Webber went ahead and began climbing to the top of the building, scaling over 39 sets of stairs in the process.

After finding a ladder to make it to the top, he posted a video standing on the edge of the roof, worrying fans in the process.

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Axel Webber worries fansTikTok
Many replied to Axel’s video with comments like “Get down” and “Dude, you’re stressing me out.”

Axel updates fans worried about his safety

Shortly after the video showing him on top of the skyscraper, Axel updated fans that he was home safe.

“Update. I didn’t fall off the building,” he explained. “Alright, I just climbed… from the inside. What did you think, that I climbed up the side like Peter Parker? I’m not Spiderman.”

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It’s important to note that scaling a building of that size while it’s under construction is extremely dangerous.

Axel made it home safe, but he very likely could have injured himself in the process.