Axel Webber fans rage at Juilliard after TikTok star gets rejected from university

YouTube: Axel Webber / Instagram: juilliardschool

Fans of TikTok star Axel Webber are lashing out at Juilliard after the influencer was allegedly rejected by the prestigious performing arts school.

Axel Webber is a fairly popular presence on TikTok, boasting over 2.6 million followers and 63 million likes on the app for his viral video series about living on an extreme budget.

The 22-year-old influencer has documented his life after moving to New York to pursue his dream of being an actor, and even auditioned for Juilliard’s acting program while making trending content.

Juilliard School is an exclusive and private conservatory that generally trains around 850 students in music, dance, and drama. It is considered one of the leading schools in these disciplines.

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Axel Webber on YouTubeYouTube: Axel Webber
Axel Webber went viral for showing off the “smallest apartment in NYC.”

Unfortunately, Webber revealed in a TikTok that he’d been purportedly rejected by the conservatory. The video, which boasts over 4 million views, shows the TikToker tearfully reading his rejection email out loud.

“‘You are no longer under consideration for admission for Fall 2022,'” the star said through misty eyes. “We gave it our best shot, which is the only thing we can do. Now we’re going to have to find a different way to be an actor.”

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Axel Webber fans flood Juilliard’s Instagram comments

Fans of Webber are now hitting out at Juilliard for rejecting the TikToker, with commenters blasting the university all across social media.

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More specifically, Webber’s fans are flooding Juilliard’s Instagram page with comments begging the school to take back the TikToker.

A quick scroll through any of the school’s recent posts shows a flood of messages reading, “Let Axel in!” or “Justice for Axel!”

Juilliard School Instagram commentsInstagram: juilliardschool
Commenters are flooding Juilliard’s Instagram page with comments begging the school to accept Axel Webber.

Axel Webber reacts to fan support after Juilliard rejection

“I thoroughly appreciate the support more than anything,” Webber said in a video response to his viral rejection. “We cannot bash Juilliard, though. They’re just doing their job.”

“Let’s keep it positive, and let’s try not to totally ruin their Instagram account,” he continued. “Their poor social media manager over at Juilliard. I apologize!”

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Juilliard has not yet penned an official response to the ongoing protest in its Instagram comments at the time of writing.