TikToker Axel Webber responds to criticism after meeting David Dobrik

Axel Webber David DobrikYouTube: VIEWS

Popular TikToker Axel Webber has responded to critical comments he received after revealing he met with David Dobrik and the rest of the Vlog Squad. 

Axel Webber has gone viral on TikTok over the last few months as he detailed his life in New York, with a focus on his extremely small “shoebox” sized apartment.

Since then, his dedicated fans have gone as far as bombarding Julliard’s social media accounts after the performing arts school denied his application.

On March 22, fans began leaving negative comments after Axel revealed he had met up with David Dobrik, prompting the TikToker to respond with another video that has gone viral.

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Axel Webber responds to negative comments regarding David Dobrik

After sharing the news with his TikTok fans, they began leaving comments like, “I would have met someone else,” and, “I can’t believe his management thought this was a good move.”

Just a day later, Axel responded to the negative comments with another video. He said: “As you might know, I got to meet David Dobrik and the entire Vlog squad last week and it was the greatest time of my life.

“Then I see comments like these on the last post. I really really wish we could have shared that moment together. It was a dream come true to me, and it still is. I just wish you guys were as stoked about it as I was.”

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Maintaining his positivity, Axel went on to mention that if his fans ever do something they want to share — he’ll be there for them. He said: “You get to have your opinions and I get to have mine. That’s what makes it cool.”

In response, his fans took to his comments to explain that they are just afraid that Axel might get mixed up with “the wrong crowd.”

David Dobrik and his crew have been in the spotlight since 2021 when controversy regarding the Vlog Squad led to them taking a hiatus from creating content.

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