AustinShow parts ways with 100 Thieves after just two years with org

AustinShow 100 Thieves100 Thieves

AustinShow, Twitch superstar primarily known for his Love or Host series, has parted ways with 100 Thieves almost two years to the day since he joined the organization.

100 Thieves continues to slim down as 2023 rolls on. AustinShow is now the latest in a string of content creators to depart the popular gaming and entertainment brand, closing the chapter after two years with the team.

Having joined in March of 2021, this news comes almost two years to the day since partnering up with the crew, likely reaching the end of his initial contract.

“No bad blood and nothing but love to all my former teammates,” he said upon publicizing his departure. “Unfortunately not the right fit at this time.”

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However, it appears the internet celeb may just have another place to call home in a matter of days, as AustinShow teased another announcement to follow “this week” in the very same post.

Throughout his two years with the organization, the popular content creator appeared in a vast array of 100 Thieves productions. Be it in regular YouTube videos or livestreamed shows, even the odd merch promotion, AustinShow was featured prominently in his time.

His exit comes amidst a series of departures from the North American organization, however. AustinShow follows the likes of TinaKitten and neekolul, all of which have fled 100 Thieves in the past few weeks.

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These prominent names all leave the team during a period of scrutiny, in which widespread layoffs have come under fire. Founder and co-CEO Nadeshot himself has even addressed the tumultuous period head-on, stating he will “regret” the layoffs “for the rest of [his] life.”

As for where AustinShow ends up next, is anyone’s guess for now. We could see the content creator join another established team right away, as his announcement implies, or he could remain solo for the time being and simply continue on independently as he did for many years prior to 100 Thieves.

We’ll be sure to update you here in the coming days as further details emerge.

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