Asmongold admits he’s “sick” of WoW Classic, wants new Retail content instead

asmongold-wow-classic-retail-expansionBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold told fans he’s sick of playing through old content in World of Warcraft Classic and wants the developers to focus on creating new content for Retail WoW instead.

In August 2021, Asmon revealed a list of changes he’d love to see in WoW Classic. This included a desire for the developers to “turn the game upside down” and “completely reinvent” it rather than re-hash old content.

He followed up on those comments on February 5, claiming he and other players are losing interest in WoW Classic and he doesn’t think the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, will be enough to retain interest.

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After that discussion, he took it a step further and revealed he was “sick” of WoW Classic content altogether. He doesn’t want to keep doing the same old song and dance. Instead, he wants the developers to create new content.

Asmongold greenAsmongold
As a veteran WoW player, Asmon’s knowledge of the game is unrivaled.

The topic came up after a fan asked Asmon whether he’d like to see content from the sixth expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion, come to WoW Classic. At first, he said it would be “cool.” But then he changed his mind.

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“I’m sick of getting Classic sh*t,” he said. “I just want new sh*t, man. I want new content. Am I the only person that feels that way? I mean, it’s nice that we’ve got this other bullsh*t, but like man, let’s get some new stuff!”

The next expansion for Retail WoW hasn’t been announced yet. However, the consensus so far is it might be set in Dragon Isles and revolve around a mysterious race called the Lightbound.

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The Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion hasn’t been announced yet either. But if interest in WoW Classic continues to wane like Asmon is saying, there’s a good chance it might be the last non-retail expansion we see.