Artesian Builds stops operations after viral PC giveaway backlash

Artesian Builds CEO Noah Katz sitting with red shirt onTwitter: Artesian Builds

“And there’s the reroll”. Artesian Builds have stopped operations, effective immediately amid a phenomenal fallout following an ambassador PC giveaway where CEO Noah Katz belittled participants.

On March 9, after just over a week of intense public scrutiny and being dropped by sponsorship partners, Artesian Builds confirmed that they will no longer be selling PCs.

The company has seen a week of derision off the back of a botched PC giveaway, leading to accusations of tax evasion. Apologies from the company were offered, but nothing seemed to stem outrage against the actions of Artesian.

In a tweet posted onto the company’s official Twitter page Artesian Builds announced that they will be “freezing/suspending all activities.”

While a company is more than the actions of a CEO, the opinion expressed on Twitter and Reddit has indicated that Noah Katz is largely responsible for the feelings directed towards Artesian Builds.

Katz’s comments on-stream about ‘kiapiaa’, claiming she was “under [Noah’s] threshold” to receive the PC in the ambassador giveaway, ignited the social media outcry.

Comments on the Twitter post announcing the effective closure of the company have been turned off, but pundits have been expressing their thoughts with quote tweets instead.

Opinions on Twitter have ranged the full spectrum of human emotion, with the majority of opinion fitting within the idea that this serves the company right.

Some Twitter users have claimed Artesian “employees are having their paychecks frozen” and are “getting laid off and going rogue on the Discord server.”

Since the announcement the Twitter page for Artesian Builds has removed all previous tweets about apologizing for the actions of Noah Katz on the March 1 stream.