Mizkif speaks out on experience with Artesian Builds following giveaway drama

Twitch streamer Mizkif next to Noah Katz of Artesian Builds screenshot.Twitch: Mizkif / Twitter: @ArtesianBuilds

Twitch streamer Mizkif opened up about his One True King org cutting ties with Artesian Builds following their giveaway drama. 

On March 1, Artesian Builds found themselves in hot water after refusing to giveaway a custom PC to Twitch streamer ‘kiapiaa‘ due to not having enough subscribers.

Twitch streamer Mizkif revealed new details about the drama on his YouTube channel and explained why it was an easy decision to drop the company as the main sponsor to his OTK org following the incident.

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Twitch streamer Mizkif reacting to Artesian Build Twitch stream.

Mizkif slams Artesian Builds following their giveaway drama

The Twitch star opened up about the controversy in a video titled ‘Regarding the Artesian Builds DRAMA.’ In the clip, Mizkif explained how he found out about the controversy. “So I wake up and I’m like goddamnit, this is our sponsor,” he said. “Everyone ties us to Artesian, we’re screwed.” He then hit out at the company by revealing that they had sent him a shoddy custom-built PC.

“I will fully let you know my PC was just garbage. I can not believe that PC was sent to me the way it was. It was an absolute s**t PC,” he continued. “It was clearly obvious it was a garbage s**t PC. Nothing was right with it. I wish I could have said this forever ago. I absolutely hated it, and I don’t understand how Artesian made that PC and thought it was okay to ship it to me. But I couldn’t say anything due to legality issues.”

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Mizkif then took aim at Artesian Builds CEO Noah Katz and exclaimed, “Noah publicly shamed her and made her feel like s**t. I don’t understand how he can say this to this Twitch streamer. How could he think that was a good idea on stream. I felt bad for kiapiaa and I actually reached out to her. I hated the way Noah Katz spoke to her, it reminded me of a king looking down on others. And if they don’t have the proper things, they aren’t allowed in his kingdom. It’s just so wrong. I felt so bad. The way he continued to shame her and make her feel like s**t.”

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The popular streamer also revealed that the Artesian CEO’s apology didn’t sit well with the OTK org and played a role in their decision to cut ties with the PC company. “The way his apology was worded, it really irked us. We were like I get it, you f**ked up, so you make an apology,” he said. “But the way he said it, it was like ‘Sigh, okay, you can win the PC. We’ll let you win. FINE.'”

After dropping the custom PC site as their sponsor, Mizkif said he personally reached out to kiapiaa to off her a computer. “I did reach out to her. And I was like do you need a PC? I did offer her one. OTK does care, and we want to make sure we have the right brands. We did the right thing, we cut ties with Artesian Builds.”

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