Alinity reveals Artesian partnership offer that was “outright offensive”


Twitch star Alinity claimed she received an “outright offensive” partnership offer she received from Artesian Builds after the company caught backlash for refusing to honor their PC giveaway.

On March 1, prebuilt-PC company Artesian Builds caught backlash online after refusing to honor their PC giveaway to three Twitch streamers who had rightfully won.

Since then, the company has felt the fallout as big names cut ties with the brand. Streamer group One True King ended relations with the company, and star streamer NICKMERCS slammed them over the public blunder.

Now, another streamer has come forward and hit out at Artesian Builds.

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Alinity has over 1.5 million followers on Twitch.

Alinity reveals her Artesian Builds offer

The 34-year-old streamer was live on March 2 when she revealed that she was previously in talks to have a partnership with Artesian.

“My agency came back to me and said ‘Hey Alinity, I know you really want to work with them, but the offer they’re making is outright offensive.’ And I was like, come on, how bad could it be? They’re friends of my friends.”

She then revealed the exact amount the company offered her, “And then my agent says, ‘They’re asking for a bunch of stuff and they’re offering you $300 a month.'”

Alinity was stunned by the low offer and reassured her chat she wasn’t kidding.

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She went on talk about how a previous company she worked with had offered her $300 a month in her early streaming days to simply put their logo at the bottom of her page. Compared to all the work Artesian wanted her to perform for the same amount, she was shocked by the offer and the partnership never happened.

Since the drama blew up on social media, Artesian Builds have posted an apology video.