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Artesian Builds CEO accused of tax evasion after giveaway controversy

Published: 4/Mar/2022 4:44 Updated: 4/Mar/2022 3:08

by Andrew Amos


Artesian Builds CEO Noah Katz has been accused of tax evasion after the company’s business license in California was forfeited. It comes after he was embroiled in controversy for denying a small streamer their PC giveaway prize live on Twitch.

Artesian Builds, a popular PC builder, has been under fire this week after CEO Noah Katz revoked a giveaway live on stream because the winner didn’t have a big enough following.

Streamer ‘kiapiaa’, who has since blown up in the aftermath of the controversy, was denied a free PC after entering the company’s ambassador giveaway. Katz also belittled the streamer’s social media following, with others speaking out about experiencing the same thing.


However, the story continues to unravel as people dig into Katz’ background. Now, Twitch streamer ‘Onepeg’ is claiming Katz has forfeited his company license in California for failing to pay taxes in the state.

A company by the name of Artesian Future Technology, registered in California under Katz’ name, was forfeited on March 2, 2022, according to an online database.

While the exact reason was not given, the Franchise Tax Board states “when your business has been suspended or forfeited, it is not in good standing and loses its rights, powers, and privileges to do business in California.”

To get the company back, board members must file all tax returns, pay all dues, and also pay an $800 fee to “revive” their business. Without doing so, Artesian Builds legally cannot do business in the state.


Onepeg also claimed Artesian failed to pay for the license to build PCs in California in November 2021.

The Artesian Builds parent company, under the same name in North Carolina, is still listed as active.

Since the controversy went viral, Artesian Builds has lost its partnership with OTK, Pestily, and other streamers. Names like NICKMERCS are also evaluating their deals with the business.

Artesian Builds apologized for the giveaway controversy, with Katz stating he “takes full accountability” and that he “made the wrong decision” to not give out the PC.

The company approached kiapiaa shortly after the statement went live, with the streamer declining their offer.