Armed robbers shoot at OnlyFans model on tour bus with her band

Michael Gwilliam
onlyfans model shot at

OnlyFans model Juliana Bonde’s tour with her band ‘Bonde do Forro’ was nearly cut short when a group of armed robbers opened fire on the singer’s bus.

Life on the road can be quite a dangerous experience for bands and OnlyFans star Juliana Bonde showed exactly why when her tour almost turned into a deadly trip.

On May 12, the Bonde do Forro lead singer posted video and photos to social media showing off the aftermath of an attempted robbery when her bus was shot up.

According to Daily Star, the model and her band were traveling through Brazil’s Minas Gerais state when the shooting happened.

OnlyFans model shot at by armed robbers

In a video posted by Bonde, the tour bus’s front window had been shot while on the BR-381 highway.

“We got shot, thank God nothing happened,” she wrote on Instagram. “Only some glass flew here on Danilo’s face.”

Luckily, aside from the glass hitting the band member in the face, there were no injuries and the group was able to perform the next night in the Belo Horizonte region, so everything seems to be okay despite the terrifying shooting.

So far, the Federal Highway Police have yet to launch an investigation and it’s not clear if Bonde has reported the attack or what happened after the bus was shot at, but the singer said that the bus never stopped for the bandits.

Juliana is far from the first online star to be shot at in recently. On Twitch, a couple of streamers had their houses shot at in drive-bys with one even grabbing his own gun to go after the attackers.

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