Are Swifties done with Taylor Swift? ‘I am done with Taylor Swift’ trends on Twitter

Taylor swift at her Eras Tour singingTwitter: MinaShohdy

Taylor Swift has been going viral on social media ever since her Eras Tour began; but a phrase on Twitter reads, ‘I am done with Taylor Swift’ is trending. What does it mean?

Swifties have been in the news for the various viral moments that have taken place as a result of Taylor’s Eras Tour.

For instance, a Taylor doll seen at the concert was quickly in demand by fans, and the singer took over social media after perfectly executing her dance choreography. It’s safe to say that Swifties never fail to notice anything related to her.

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But now, it looks like a fair few Swifties are done with Taylor as the singer is set to perform in Los Angeles, and some users are confused why this is trending.

While others posted meme images saying “I am done with Taylor Swift,” some users asked, “I am so confused. Why is I AM DONE WITH TAYLOR SWIFT trending?”

However, it turns out Swifties who weren’t able to attend the LA concert are mad at the singer for choosing surprise songs like I Know Places and King of My Heart.

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Several fans expressed that they won’t be able to attend and listen to these songs, which is why the phrase has been trending.

One fan figured this out and asked, “So, she played a song y’all liked and you missed it? Am I following?”

A Swiftie reposted Taylor Swift News’ post on Twitter and wrote, “Without me? I am done with Taylor Swift.”

A fan even wrote that they hate LA for getting these surprise songs, and not being able to be there to listen to them.

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Fans of the Grammy winner were also loving Selena Gomez on Twitter for making an appearance at the Eras Tour once again with her friends and sister, Gracie.

Although non-LA based Swifties are certainly upset, fans can look forward to a possible TV show from the singer, who was recently reported to be in talks to make a series with the writer of Succession.

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