Antonio Brown arrest warrant spells bad news for Logan Paul boxing match

Virginia Glaze

Top YouTuber Logan Paul and NFL star Antonio Brown seemed set for an impromptu boxing match — but Brown’s recent arrest warrant could put a stop to their celebrity showdown.

In reports provided by ESPN, Florida police issued a warrant for Brown’s arrest on Wednesday, January 22, after allegations surfaced that claimed both he and his trainer had attacked a truck owned by a moving company.

According to Hollywood law enforcement’s Christian Latta, Brown now faces burglary and battery charges, with documents from TMZ reporting that the wide receiver threw a rock at the vehicle and even became physically aggressive with the driver over a payment discussion.

The NFL’s Antonio Brown faces an arrest warrant after a reported scuffle with a delivery driver, which could put a damper on his boxing match with Logan Paul.

While all eyes are likely trained on the development of the case, this could throw a massive monkey wrench in his purportedly upcoming boxing match against YouTube star Logan Paul, after he challenged the internet celeb via Twitter.

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Paul even claimed that their match was “closer than anyone expects.”

ImPaulsive podcast host Mike Majlak echoed that sentiment by revealing their teams were “already talking” about scheduling the fight.

However, it seems that this bout may be put on hold for the foreseeable future, with a newly-released 911 call placed during Brown’s altercation with the driver alleging he was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the scuffle.

“The guy is high, he smoked, he threatened me,” the driver said in call records provided by TMZ.

“He’s trying to fight, he throws stones at my truck… I’m trying to make delivery to the gentleman. I called him and told him he has to pay the balance. The guy refused to pay.”

Although Paul claimed his fight with Brown was “closer than anyone expects,” their bout may be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Brown’s boxing trainer, Glenn Holt, was also arrested on felony burglary, and was later released after posting bail for $20,000.

This development follows Jake Paul’s own plans to box rapper Soulja Boy, who was similarly met with legal trouble amidst purportedly organizing a fight with the YouTuber.

Thus far, Logan “The Maverick” Paul has yet to respond to Brown’s arrest warrant, with news of their proposed boxing match still up in the air for now.