Angry Reactions aims big to claim Bella Poarch record for TikTok’s most-liked video

Angry Reactions Bells Poarch headeTikTok: Angry Reactions/Bella Poarch

TikTok user Angry Reactions has uploaded a new TikTok in the hopes that it will break Bella Poarch’s record for the most-liked video on the platform.

Despite having been posted over 2 years ago, Bella Poarch’s iconic M to the B lip sync video is still the most liked upload on TikTok. And while the simple yet effective TikTok has remained in the number 1 spot for all this time, Oneya ‘Angry Reactions’ D’Amelio is hoping to finally overtake Poarch.

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Angry Reactions’ recent upload is hoping to do just that. The video – which simply includes the content creator standing in his bathroom pointing to an imaginary watch – has already generated 2.3 million likes in just over 2 days.

The upload is captioned “love you Bella Poarch but your time has come” and has many other big TikTok accounts commenting and hyping it up in the hopes that it will be able to gain traction and take over Poarch’s record.

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Who is Oneya “Angry Reactions’ D’Amelio?

Oneya has gained popularity on the app thanks to the “angry” facial expression that he shows when he wants to say a positive message to someone. During the height of the global pandemic, the content creator had multiple videos go viral, his positive messaging a source of joy and hopefulness for many people during this tough time.

And while D’Amelio has been less active than what he was, his TikTok account still boasts an impressive 26.9 million followers.

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However, Oneya still has a long way to go before he is anywhere near Poarch’s top hit. At the time of writing, her m to b video has over 60 million likes on TikTok. Her TikTok account also has more than 94 million followers.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how Angry Reactions’ quest to dethrone Bella Poarch’s top-liked video goes.

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