Andrew Tate launches his own comic book series with a ridiculous price tag

Carver Fisher
Andrew Tate Top G comic series

Andrew Tate has been busy since he was released from the custody of Romanian police, and his most recent venture is a comic book series. Top G: Breaking Illusions is the first issue of the series, and it’s got an eye-watering price tag of almost $100.

Over the years, Andrew Tate has put his time into many a business venture. From his Hustler’s University business courses meant to teach others how to make more money to helping operate casinos in Romania, the man certainly has an eye for business at times.

Following his release from the custody of Romanian authorities, Tate has returned to content creation and has been looking for new opportunities. However, his most recent business venture is a bit bizarre.

On July 27, Andrew Tate announced his very own ‘Top G’ comic series, and revealed the story is about him “fighting against the forces of the Matrix and corporate tyranny” in what appears to be a somewhat autobiographical story. The real headscratcher, however, is the $97 price tag.

Andrew Tate posing with comic

Andrew Tate sells Top G comic for almost $100

On Andrew Tate’s official landing site for DNG Comics, the label under which he’s publishing the Top G comics, there are some details about what exactly these comics will be about.

The site certainly isn’t shy about the fact that this comic is about Tate and his struggles in recent times. Tate explained the story the comic is meant to tell about his ongoing fight with “the Matrix.”

“They don’t want you to know the truth – they want you living in a mental cage, chained by a weak mindset. I became the superhero of the youth by telling the truth and teaching young men to be strong. And now I am being punished for it, in real time. These stories reflect the harsh truths of the Matrix, how I escaped it, and what I predict they will try next.”

Tate also claims that he’s “passing on some of my most vital life lessons through these powerful stories.”

Andrew Tate Top G comic

Considering that previews of the comic on Tate’s site feature him doing things like being targeted by snipers and stopping bullets with his mind, it’s yet unclear if this is meant to be a completely faithful retelling of his experiences or one that plays up some of the details.

Additionally, the Andrew Tate comic is priced at $97 dollars. This isn’t for the entire series as it comes out, but rather, that’s the price for the very first issue. It’s safe to assume that future entries in the series will have a similar cost. It isn’t clear how long the comic is, with the site only describing the comic as “an all time collectible.”

That said, if we’re going by the promotional images of Tate holding and reading the comic, it isn’t exactly a novel-length affair.

There aren’t that many content creator-back comic book series, although there is one that comes to mind as a point of comparison: MoistCr1TiKaL‘s GodSlap series.

GodSlap issue 01

In comparison to Tate’s series, the first book in his GodSlap series is $12 for a physical copy and $5 for a digital one, making Tate’s comic more than 8 times more expensive if we’re comparing physical versions. And that number doesn’t include shipping. In order to ship the comic internationally, some are reporting shipping costs upward of $20 on top of the already high price tag.

Whether Tate’s fans can justify the cost of his comic remains to be seen.