Andrew Tate is open to fighting KSI: “Why would I not punch him in the face for money?”

Shay Robson
Andrew Tate Jake Paul

Controversial internet star Andrew Tate is eyeing up yet another opponent to step in the ring with, this time calling out British YouTuber KSI.

Andrew Tate has been all the talk on the internet for the past few months. With his controversial misogynistic comments, the kickboxing world champion has blown up on TikTok and YouTube.

Recently, Tate was banned from Instagram – where he had an impressive 4.7M followers – as well as Facebook for “violating its policies on dangerous organizations and individuals.”

The 35-year-old has also been in the news for eyeing up a fight with YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, with him hinting that contract negotiations are underway. However, after some recent comments, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see the kickboxing champion stepping into the ring with KSI in the future.

Andrew Tate says he’d fight KSI

During a live stream with Adin Ross on August 19, the internet star was asked if he’s heard of KSI. Unsurprisingly, the kickboxer admitted he’s familiar with the British entertainer. Adin Ross then followed up, asking if we’d ever see the two of them touching gloves in the future.

“I do know who KSI is yeah. Listen, like I said, these people aren’t my family. They’re not my family members. If someone were to come along with the right amount of money and say 50 million or whatever, do you think I’m going to sit and say ‘no I can’t fight him’,” Tate said.

He continued: “Why would I not fight KSI? Why would I not? I don’t care. Why would I not punch him in the face for money? It’s a genuine question.

“I don’t watch his videos, I’m not a fan of him, I don’t really know what he says. I know who he is, but I have nothing that’s going to prevent me from fighting that man. I’ll fight anybody. I’ve fought my whole life.”

It’s unclear if we’ll actually see KSI or either of the Paul bros for that matter face off with Tate in the future. However, there are for sure a lot of fans that would love to see it happen.

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