Twitch streamer PayMoneyWubby mindblown by $100k bid for NFT of his bathroom

wubby twitchPayMoneyWubby/Twitch

PayMoneyWubby was streaming an NFT auction of a video of his bathroom when somebody made a bid of $100,000 dollars, launching him and his friends into a frenzy.

The market for NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, is a pretty volatile place. Prices can vary massively, ranging from being completely worthless to millions of dollars.

Twitch streamer PayMoneyWubby found out just how wild the NFT market can be while streaming a joke-auction of an NFT he devised.

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PayMoneyWubby banned from Twitch againYouTube: PaymoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby has over 500k Twitch followers.

PayMoneyWubby gets massive NFT bid

While streaming on October 28, Wubby hosted a party with friends to celebrate the auction of an NFT he created. The NFT was of a video of Wubby’s bathroom, and was appropriately nicknamed “#NFTurd.”

The video of the “NFT turd” played on the loop at the top of the stream, along with the ticker showing what the highest bid was at that moment.

The auction started at just under $6k, and as the night progressed the bid continued to soar higher and higher, eventually reaching $20k. When a surprise bid of whopping $100k came in, Wubby and friends were in complete shock and went to the website it was being auctioned on to make sure it was real.

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Once the bid was confirmed, Wubby said: “I just sold a video of my poop for one-hundred-thousand dollars.”

After the initial shock of the massive bid wore over, Wubby wanted to confirm the bid was legit to not get his hopes too high. Wubby looked into the payment details further, and found out he won’t know if the payment came through for three days after the auction closes.

After pausing the stream to find out what was going on, Wubby returned and explained the situation, “So apparently the plan is to bid it up this amount, and then it will end and it will go back to the person who was the last top bidder in an attempt to 1) get fake hype and fake clout, and 2) guarantee the last top bidder to be the winner. So basically, someone’s just trolling right now.”

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Wubby explained he believes he knows who the fake bidder is, and hoped they would come forward on their own. He finished the clip and said, “it’s kind of disappointing.”

Although the $100k won’t come through, Wubby said he knew some of the people involved with the bidding process were serious about their $20k bids. Thankfully for Wubby, not all hope is lost for the infamous NFTurd to turn a massive profit.

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