Alinity responds to Animal Protection Services searching for her amid cat abuse scandal

Meg Bethany Koepp. Last updated: Jul 23, 2019
Instagram: alinitydivine

Twitch personality Alinity Divine made headlines recently after she threw her cat over her shoulder during her Apex Legends livestream. Now, animal protection society SPCA has announced that it is actively searching for her.

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Alinity has been subject to a fair few controversies in her time on Twitch, but nothing compares to her most recent cat abuse drama where viewers and fellow streamers alike are outraged over her actions.

Now, animal protection service SPCA has announced that it is looking into the accusations of animal cruelty and is actively trying to locate the streaming star.

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The SPCA is searching for Alinity

According to local radio station ‘650 CKOM‘, communications co-ordinator for the Saskatoon SPCA Jasmine Hanson said that the society is searching for Alinity but are having difficulties. “Right now, we’re just trying to identify the individual and locate her address,” she stated.

“The reason this is so important is because if we want to investigate the situation, we obviously have to identify the person, and usually a social media profile isn’t enough to go on.”

Twitch: Alinity
Alinity is facing backlash after throwing her cat.
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The Saskatoon-based service believes the female streamer is located in the city, but if not, it says it’ll have to delegate the search to a different agency.

Hanson then went on to say that the fact there’s video evidence of Alinity throwing her cat means that there’s more chance of the society proving its case against her.

“Quite often it’s very difficult for us to prove cases of neglect or cruelty because we don’t have something such as video evidence, so this case is quite unique in that way,” Hanson said.

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Alinity apologized

Alinity issued a statement on Twitter when the controversy first broke, apologising for her actions.

“Hey everyone, I understand the concern and I am sorry for my lapses in judgement. I shouldnt have gotten frustrated with Milo, but I dropped him on the floor behind my chair. I’m not that strong. The Vodka thing was well over a year ago but it was also a stupid thing to do.” she tweeted.

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A second tweet said that she would be willing to comply with any animal protection society that wanted to look into the situation.

“I also understand the desire to report me to pet authorities and encourage anyone to do so if they feel pets are being mistreated, by anyone, anywhere. My animals are well loved, and live in a warm and caring home, and I will comply with any authority that seeks to validate this.”

Following the news that the SPCA would be in contact, Alinity advised on Twitter she had reached out to the authorities to come and clear up the complaints.

We’ll update you with any further developments regarding the ongoing situation.