Alinity explains why streamers are “afraid” to defend friends amid Valkyrae RFLCT drama

. 8 months ago
alinity discusses valkyrae rflct drama

Popular Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon addressed the recent drama regarding 100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s RFLCT skincare and why some of her friends didn’t come to her aid.

Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare product has been criticized since its announcement with many calling its claims of protecting against “blue light pollution” a “scam.”

Throughout the controversy, Valkyrae took issue with fellow streamers she considered to be her friends not defending her – something that big names such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had no issue with.

Now, Alinity has entered the fray and has explained why she believes many people just refuse to get involved in others’ business.

valkyrae rflct
Valkyrae has been low-profile on the internet since RFLCT’s launch.

Alinity says streamers were “afraid” to defend Valkyrae

In a stream with Mizkif, Alinity and her Texas-based pal discussed the ongoing controversy, with Miz claiming that he sees “mutual benefits” of speaking out.

“When you see someone being wronged, do you actually defend them?” the Colombian-Canadian asked. “Not a lot of people have the balls to do that.”

Alinity herself has gotten into some hot water in the past, including her now-infamous cat-throwing scandal and some wardrobe malfunctions on Twitch.

According to Mogollon, when streamers have little to gain by speaking out, they often times won’t at the risk of being targeted themselves.

“A lot of people don’t have the balls to get involved when there’s drama,” she added. “That’s what I think happened to Valkyrae. She was really upset that her friends didn’t come and defend her, but she needs to understand that a lot of people are afraid. It’s not worth it, getting destroyed by the internet.”

Speaking from experience, Alinity noted how the same thing happened to her when she had drama, but Mizkif was there and took some heat.

Following this, the two hugged it out with Mizkif applauding his friend’s speech. It’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds for Valkyrae and RFLCT and if the 100 Thieves co-owner will address Alinity’s comments in the future.

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