xQc defends Twitch streamers not supporting Valkyrae over RFLCT drama

Alex Tsiaoussidis
YouTube: Valkyrae / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel defended Twitch streamers for not supporting Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter amid backlash over her RFLCT skincare line, because he claims it was a solo endeavor and you can’t expect friends to be on your side.

Valkyrae has been through the wringer ever since she announced her controversial new RFLCT skincare line on October 19.

Everyone from Dexerto’s Adam Fitch to influencers, qualified dermatologists, and her own business partner shared their two cents worth on the matter.

Rae’s initial response was that “all the hate was warranted.” She opened up about it in more detail on October 23 and revealed that some of her friends reached out to make sure she was okay, including Pokimane and Sykkuno.

Many others didn’t, though, which she said was “interesting.”

However, xQc rushed to their defense. Not only did he claim that he didn’t blame them for not reaching out, but he also insisted that he wouldn’t expect them to if he were in a similar situation, and he explained why.

Twitch: Pokimane / YouTube: Valkyrae
Pokimane was one of the friends who reached out to Valkyrae over the RFLCT backlash.

“If there’s a problem with the product and the fact-checking, that’s kind of like her job,” he said.

“If you sign contracts and you take on a job or responsibility, it literally is the responsibility of your job.”

To illustrate his point, he described a hypothetical scenario in which he made a game that turned out “weird”. He claims none of his friends would contact him to criticize or support the game in private, and he wouldn’t expect them to because it’s his responsibility.

“I don’t blame them for not doing it, either, because it’s my f**king job. I signed the papers. I signed the contract. I did it on my own. It’s my battle. I’m solo. I don’t assume that the whole squad is on my side and now we’re fighting together. It’s just not how it works.”

Rae revealed all of her close friends reached out. She claimed to have worded things poorly and didn’t intend to shade her current friends.

However, she also admitted that she had to delete the VOD where she opened up about the situation due to legal issues.

The RFLCT skincare line is set to hit shelves on Monday, October 25.