Influencer Elle Darby returns to YouTube following Twitter backlash

Elle Darby apology video with YouTube logoYouTube: Elle Darby

Elle Darby has announced her return to YouTube after a five-month hiatus, following racist tweets that resurfaced from her Twitter account. 

Popular YouTuber Elle Darby boasted a huge following on social media. Thanks to her vlogs showing her experience as a mum and her travels around the world, she boasted 600k YouTube subscribers and 757k Instagram followers.

However, that all came crashing down when historical tweets by the influencer reappeared online showing her making racist remarks about Polish, Chinese, and Indian people.

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Darby and Swift apologized for the remarks, leading her to step back from social media. Now, the pair have slowly started to work their way back onto their platforms.

Elle Darby with her fiancé Connor Swift and their son SaintDarby found fame with her vlogs alongside her husband Swift detailing her pregnancy experiences and her time as new mum.

Elle Darby posts first YouTube video in 5 months

After taking a break from the platform, Darby posted her first YouTube video since she uploaded an apology video in response to the backlash.

“It’s really wild to think that that’s the last time you saw me because for me that feels like a different life,” Darby said. “It very much feels like for me a new chapter has started.

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“YouTube is my passion as much as it’s something that I think I really did need a long break from because I needed the last six months to myself to really focus and learn and grow.”

Darby went on to lose 100k followers on Instagram following after her tweets re-emerged. She also deleted her Twitter account.

She admitted she’s aware that her return would be “very painful” to the people who were hurt by her comments. Although, she was careful to “walk the fine line between returning” while “doing it respectfully.” Yet, ultimately she wanted to return to vlogging.

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Darby added: “I truly feel as though my reason of being here is to share my lessons of growth and my lessons in self-betterment and in my opinion that’s what life is about.”

The Twitter account in question was also shared with her husband and fellow influencer Connor Swift.

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